Rules of the 92 Club

92 Club Rules

Rules of the 92 Club

The 92 Club is the most exclusive club in football - reserved for those loyal fans who have travelled the length and breadth of England (and parts of Wales), watching matches at all 92 League football stadiums.

There is only one main rule for joining the 92 Club: you must have watched a football match at each current stadium in the top 4 English leagues - the Premier League, Championship, League One and League Two.

To clarify further:

  1. This has to have been an association football (soccer) match. Any other sport does not count
  2. You must have watched the match from inside the stadium
  3. You must have visited the team's current ground. A previous visit to White Hart Lane doesn't count anymore - you need to go to Tottenham Hotspur stadium
  4. Going on a tour of the ground doesn't count
  5. Driving past the ground doesn't count
  6. Going to a ground for any other reason (events, weddings, christening etc) doesn't count
  7. You don't have to watch your own team though - any football match counts, including pre-season friendlies, cup matches and international fixtures
  8. You don't have to have sat in the away end. Any seat (or standing, if you're lucky) counts
  9. The match you watch doesn't have to have any goals. A 0-0 draw still counts
  10. Watching a match at a ground before the team was in the football league does count. Eg, it counts if you went to Salford whilst they were a non-League club
  11. You don't have to visit all grounds in the same season, or year (but well done if you do)

If you're looking for a way to track the grounds you've visited, we recommend signing up to which allows you to create an online map of the grounds you've been to. It covers the 92 Club and over 18,000 other grounds from all around the world.

Alternatively you could purchase one of their 92 Club posters allowing you to tick off the grounds you've visited on your wall. You can buy a 92 Club poster from us for just £6.99 + P&P.

Looking for tips to complete the 92 check out our guide on how to join the 92 Club in record time.

  • Harrogate Town fans have been to the most grounds, averaging 46/92
  • Manchester United fans have been to the least grounds, averaging just 13/92
  • Burton Albion fans travel the shortest distance to join the 92 Club - "only" 15,135 miles
  • Stadium:MK has the worst atmosphere in the 92 Club
  • The shortest trip in the 92 Club is Everton to Liverpool - a 1.19 mile round trip
  • Old Trafford has the largest capacity of any club ground in England - 75,811
  • The most visited ground out of the 92 is Old Trafford
  • The longest trip in the 92 Club is Plymouth to Newcastle - a 668 mile round trip
  • Sheffield United's Bramall Lane is the oldest professional football stadium in the world
  • Frattan Park has been voted as having the best atmosphere in the 92 Club
  • Plymouth Argyle fans have to travel the most to join the 92 Club - 37,416 miles
  • The least visited ground in the 92 Club is Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
  • For a very short period in the late 1980s, the 92 Club was actually the 93 Club