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Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park
E20 2ST

Capacity: 60,000

Record attendance: 56,996 (January 02, 2017)

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West Ham United Mileage

  • Plymouth Argyle fans have to travel the most to join the 92 Club - 37,416 miles
  • Sheffield United's Bramall Lane is the oldest professional football stadium in the world
  • Stadium:MK has the worst atmosphere in the 92 Club
  • The least visited ground in the 92 Club is Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
  • Manchester United fans have been to the least grounds, averaging just 13/92
  • The most visited ground out of the 92 is Old Trafford
  • AFC Wimbledon's Kingsmeadow is the smallest ground in the 92 Club with a capacity of 4,850
  • The longest trip in the 92 Club is Plymouth to Newcastle - a 668 mile round trip
  • For a very short period in the late 1980s, the 92 Club was actually the 93 Club
  • Burton Albion fans travel the shortest distance to join the 92 Club - "only" 15,135 miles
  • Salford City fans have been to the most grounds, averaging 49/92
  • Old Trafford has the largest capacity of any club ground in England - 75,811
  • The shortest trip in the 92 Club is Everton to Liverpool - a 1.19 mile round trip
  • Bramall Lane has been voted as having the best atmosphere in the 92 Club
  • The 92 Club is actually the 90 Club this season, due to Coventry groundsharing and Bury folding